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Focus on the owner’s interests Crew : first barrier of cyber defense

Cost of a Cybercrime

A cyber security breach can cost a lot… more than money

High profile individuals attract attention: yachts are prime targets for cyber criminals. This is not a matter of if, but a matter of when.

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IMO Regulation

A legal recommendation as of 2021

The IMO highlights that cybersecurity is not just IT security. Human factor, training, processes are essential and should be integrated in the cyber risk management onboard and in a cybersecurity assessment

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Training Essential

Module A: “Essentials of Cybersecurity to ensure that the yacht is cyber-safe”

The purpose of this training program is to enable captains and officers to master cybersecurity easily, on a daily basis, and efficiently. In this program, we do not try to turn captains into experts in computer security. We develop captains and officers’ awareness and understanding of cyber issues for a yacht, and we provide them with pragmatic guidelines and “take away” they can implement immediately in their daily work onboard.

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Safe as it looks ?

Make sure your yacht is as safe as it looks.

In cybersecurity, there is no miracle technology to protect the yacht. The attack surface of a yacht is wide. Some areas are protected.

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cyber audit

Cybersecurity Assessment : The IMO requests to have cybersecurity assessment on yachts from 2021. Please, don’t consider this recommendation just as another new rule to comply by. This is a unique opportunity for captain and officer to discover their yacht and crew from a very unusual point of view… and finally very rich and useful.

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Crew awareness

See our training program with the Academy of the Yacht Club de Monaco .

Innovation for this program comes from our experience and R&D in essential areas to protect yachts, owners and guests: cyber-defense (with suppliers such as Thales: www.thalesgroup.com), yachting industry, Navy officers, protection of family offices and UHNWI and Yacht Club de Monaco (La Belle Classe Academy).

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Close to your yacht and crew

Our consultants are based in Nice, quickly available from Livorno (Italy) to La Ciotat (France), and anywhere from Nice airport