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Training Essential

Module A: “Essentials of Cybersecurity to ensure that the yacht is cyber-safe”

The purpose of this training program is to enable captains and officers to master cybersecurity easily, on a daily basis, and efficiently. In this program, we do not try to turn captains into experts in computer security. We develop captains and officers’ awareness and understanding of cyber issues for a yacht, and we provide them with pragmatic guidelines and “take away” they can implement immediately in their daily work onboard.

Watch the version with the captain explanation

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Examples of topics during the courses:

In Module A “Essentials”

– Crew briefing: we give the keys to make every crew member aware of their responsibilities, and we build a checklist of the 10 cyber control points on your yacht to apply with each crew member on board
– Yacht’s weaknesses and types of attacks
– How to detect and how to react in case of danger

in Module B “managers”,

we are working on what captains and officers should do, as team managers and in charge of the yacht.

– Manage the crew, individually and Collectively. Together, all crewmates make the 1st line of cyber defense
– Manage contractors et suppliers. From experience, this is where the most dangerous vulnerabilities are. We are explaining why. We are working on concrete cases to:

o   Allow participants to visualize these vulnerabilities generated by external contractors
o   To build in session the managerial practices adapted to the participants’ yachts

Throughout the program (A and B), we cover the essentials imposed by the IMO 2021 regulations. At the end of the module, participants know how to implement the IMO 2021 regulation on board.