Xperys: partner of yachts’ cybersecurity

Focus on the owner’s interests Crew : first barrier of cyber defense

Crew awareness

See our training program with the Academy of the Yacht Club de Monaco .

Innovation for this program comes from our experience and R&D in essential areas to protect yachts, owners and guests: cyber-defense (with suppliers such as Thales: www.thalesgroup.com), yachting industry, Navy officers, protection of family offices and UHNWI and Yacht Club de Monaco (La Belle Classe Academy).

5 innovation of Xperys’ training program:

  1. It specifically deals with yachting cybersecurity: yacht – tech equipment – crews – owners (UHNWI) – guests – external contractors
  2. It covers all essentials of cybersecurity for people (captains, officers) who have no experience in IT security (and do not want to turn into IT security experts)
  3. It deals with the latest trends, tactics, and actual cases of cybercrime
  4. It does not just focus on the yachts’ infrastructures, but it also aims at protecting the owners and guests (as they are the real final target for hackers)
  5. It follows the IMO guidelines (2021), and provides the training and awareness requested by the IMO